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Energy-saving induction lamp E27 for home use

Conventional incandescent lamps are a thing of the past, and in the near future their production will stop, so the question of choosing the right kind of energy-saving lamps is relevant for everyone. Fluorescent lamps displayed in large quantities on store shelves have similar performance characteristics and differ only in brand names.

Specific features of Е27 energy-saving induction lamps

Е27 household induction lamps compare favourably with fluorescent light sources in many respects. E27 induction lamps have the longest duty cycle of 60,000 hours, which corresponds to more than 23 years of daily 7-hour operation. The service life of fluorescent lamps produced by renowned manufacturers is calculated from the average of 2.7 hours per day and 1,000 hours per year. With this operating mode E27 induction lamps will work for 60 years, allowing to reduce lighting costs by 80%. The number of switching cycles is not limited.

  • Low energy consumption

  • Long service life of 60,000 hours

  • Built-in electronic ballast

  • Low operating temperature

  • Instant on/off

The long service life of E27 induction lamps, which is unprecedented for household energy-saving lamps, is achieved due to the lack of electrodes and low heat dissipation. Carefully selected volume of the glass bulb and its special shape also contribute to its long service life.

Energy-saving induction lamp

E27 energy-saving fluorescent lamps

Highest possible quality of light 

Good quality of light

Service life of 60,000 hours     

Service life of 8000 hours

Unlimited number of switching cycles

Limited number of switching cycles


Thanks to high energy saving rate E27 lamps emit more light (25-30% more) with the same power consumption than lamps with standard characteristics. High colour reproduction and colour temperature of E27 induction lamps emphasizes the attractiveness of the interior, does not distort the shape and colour of the objects, and improves your mood. The light of induction lamps is pleasant to the eye.

Increased warranty liabilities

E27 induction lamps pay off within 1.5-3 years by reducing lighting costs by five times. They are characterized by high reliability, do not fail at voltage surges, and the lighting quality does not decrease even after prolonged use.

Application of E27 household energy-saving lamps

E27 induction lamps are equipped with a standard socket and can be used in most household lighting fixtures. Their elongated shape perfectly matches with chandelier shades and table lamps.

Technical characteristics of Venus E27 induction lamps

Power W


Luminous Flux Lm

1 350
2 800


E27 / E40

Efficiency Lm/W


Color Rendering K


Colour reproduction Ra


Stability of luminous flux %


Service life h

60 000
60 000
60 000


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