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Induction lamps

Induction lamps / Induction lamp

Induction lamp Saturn

saturn lamp s

●  Power 40, 60, 80, 100, 120, 150, 200, 250, 300, 400 W

●      Luminous Flux 24500 Lm

●      Energy efficiency of 70 ~ 75 Lm / W

●      Color temperature 3000/5000 K

●      Color rendition 80 Ra

●      Life time at least 100 000 h

Induction lamp Jupiter

jupiter s

●      Power 40, 60, 80, 100, 120, 150, 200,           250, 300, 400 W

●      Luminous Flux 24500 Lm

●      Energy efficiency of 70 ~ 75 Lm / W

●      Color temperature 3000/5000 K

●      Color rendition 80 Ra

●      Life time at least 100 000 h 

Induction lamp E40 Venus

venera s 1

●      Power 80, 100, 120 W

●      Luminous Flux 8800 Lm

●      Energy efficiency of 70 ~ 75 Lm / W

●      Color temperature 3000/5000 K

●      Color rendition 80 Ra

●      Life time at least 60,000 h


Induction lamp E27 Venus

venera s

●      Power 15 W 23

●      Luminous Flux 2800 Lm

●      Energy efficiency of 70 ~ 75 Lm / W

●      Color temperature 2700/5000 K

●      Color rendition 80 Ra

●      Life time at least 60,000 h

Plant growth lamp

indukcionnye lampy dlja rastenij 04s

3 main reasons to purchase induction lamps

With all diversity of choice currently available on the market, induction lamps are the best to purchase in terms of energy efficiency. This is the preferred light source for economical and high-quality lighting for municipal and industrial facilities. Record longevity speaks for itself.

An Induction lamp is an electric light source, which is a ring-shaped glass tube filled with inert gas and coated with phosphorus. The principle of operation of the device is based on electromagnetic induction and a gas discharge to generate visible light. From all of currently existing types of lighting, Induction lamps have least amount of vulnerable components - thermal cathodes and filaments. For this reason, the average lifespan of the lamps, operating on the principle of electromagnetic induction, exceeds 100 000 hours.

Induction lamps are considered energy-saving light sources. Their production began in the early nineties, but even today, this technology is considered to be the most promising. Induction energy-saving lamps allow for the most effective way to conserve energy. They are harmless to health, while their illumination is the closest to the natural daylight.

Reasons for purchase:

    1. Power consumption is reduced by 10 times compared to incandescent lamps, and by 2-3 times compared to the metal halide or sodium lamps.
    2. lifetime of lamps exceeds 100 000 hours. If you decide to purchase induction lamps, there is virtually no need to replace the light sources for more than two decades. Induction lamps last 5-50 times longer than other types of lamps. Their lifetime is more than 22 years with the use of 12 hours per day.
    3. Quick return of investment. Induction lamps, priced slightly higher than other light sources, help to reduce energy consumption, further allowing to cut the expenditure in half. Given the longevity of induction lamps, it is possible to calculate how much you can save on maintenance, procurement, warehousing, logistics, recycling, so the return of investment on lamps is at most 1.5 years. 

Induction lamps save

  • 80% energy compared to incandescent lamps
  • 75% - compared to DRL lamps
  • 60% - compared to metal halide lamps
  • 20% - compared to compact fluorescent lamps

Due to the design that does not contain fragile components, induction lamps are not afraid of vibration, shock and wind gusts. Performance of these light sources is independent of temperature changes. They even withstand temperatures 40 degrees below zero. For outdoor lighting in harsh environments it is best to buy Induction Lamps iLS, adapted to this climate.

Induction lamps have a pleasant natural light, high luminous efficiency, and is not susceptible to flicker, which has beneficial effects on health and productivity. Induction lamps are absolutely silent. If the manufacturing process requires the attention from workers, and contributes to increased strain on the organs of vision, induction lamps are a necessity.

Induction lamps can be purchased for both indoor and outdoor use. They are ideal for street illumination, tunnels, town squares, illumination of apartment complexes, industrial buildings and warehouses, stadiums, railway stations, supermarkets, and so on. There is no significant price difference between household and industrial induction lamps.

What determines the price of induction lamps

As with any other form of lighting, for induction lamps price directly depends on their capacity. This is quite natural, since more powerful light sources require a corresponding volume of the glass tube and a set of electronic components. The price of induction lamp also depends on the dimming ability of the luminous flux. The wide adjustment range of 15 to 100% requires a special electronic ballast device.

The price of high-quality induction lamps cannot be low, but due to the long warranty period, and a significant reduction in energy costs, a risk to make unfavorable purchase is completely absent.