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Induction Explosion Proof Lamp SO04-05

Like other iLS industrial explosion-proof lighting fixtures, SO04-05 induction explosion proof lighting fixture was designed to meet the increased requirements for fire and explosion protection and for operation in locations where the use of incandescent lamps is undesirable. This spiral can cause a fire or explosion in the event of lamp breakage. The high temperature of conventional lamps used for the illumination of industrial facilities reduces their security.

SO04-05 induction explosion-proof lighting fixtures are equipped with induction lamps ensuring maximum safety due to the lack of an incandescent spiral and low operating temperature which does not exceed 80 oC.

Area of application of SO04-05 induction explosion proof lighting fixtures:

SO04-05 induction explosion proof lighting fixtures can be used at all facilities with increased security requirements. Filling stations, oil processing complexes, explosion and fire hazardous facilities, defence industry enterprises – all of these objects have increased requirements for the security of all systems, including the lighting system.

Specific features of SO04-05 induction explosion proof lighting fixtures:

  • Durable metal enclosure with antistatic coating

  • Cost effective induction lamp boasting a trouble-free service life of not less than 100,000 hours

  • Shock-resistant borosilicate glass and high-quality, non-dimming reflector ensure high lighting efficiency

  • Electronic ballast and induction lamp are assembled in a single enclosure in separate compartments, which reduces overall heating

  • These lighting fixtures are installed on a threaded mounting bracket

Light curve SO04-05

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Options SO04-05

Iluminaire body, ring induction lamp Saturn, passport, package.

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