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Wall induction lamp 

induction lamp/ induction lamp/ Wall induction lamp
Wall induction lamp SO0554-1
wall edl bg001a s
  • Power 40, 60 W
  • Dimensions 370x230x190 mm
  • Installation height 3-8 m
  • Life time at least 100 000 hours
  • 5 years warranty
Wall induction lamp SO0554-2
wall edl bg001b s
  • Power 80, 100 W
  • Dimensions 447x328x206 mm
  • Installation height 3-8 m
  • Life time at least 100 000 hours
  • 5 years warranty

Induction Industrial Wall Light iLS

Industrial wall lamps with induction light source designed to illuminate the exterior or the interior space of the building perimeter helps to create uniform quality lighting in places where no light is emitted. Industrial wall lights are used to create an effective lighting system in industrial facilities, warehouses, department stores, railway stations, airports, streets, shopping centers and so on.

With the convenient form of housing industrial wall lamp is easy and convenient to install on any vertical surface, while a special prismatic diffuser and reflector directs the light so brightly illuminate the area beneath the walls and in each corner of the area. This way, light can’t completely avoid the darker areas with poor visibility, which can cause an emergency at work or become a cover to infiltrate into the territory of the enterprise, warehouse or shopping center to unauthorized personnel.

Indoors Industrial wall lights are often used with suspended ceilings or industrial lighting, and outside - with street lamps or spotlights. This combination allows the lamps to ensure proper quality of the lighting.

Economical induction industrial wall lights

All industrial iLS wall lights are equipped with energy-saving induction lamps, the power of which is selected depending on the area of ​​the illuminated object and the height of the lamp assembly. Using induction tubes and modern electronic ballast reduces power consumption by 80% and the aluminum reflector substantially increases the quality parameters of the luminous flux. The life of the induction light source lasts over 100 000 hours or more than 22 years with daily 12-hour operation. Lamps operate smoothly in the heat and forty-degree frost.

Longevity of industrial wall lamps is possible due to the high quality of the national assembly and the strength of the housing material made of stainless steel and equipped with a shock-resistant protective glass. The luminaires have a high degree of moisture proof , dustproof and are virtually maintenance-free. Reliable body, a record service life of lamps and ballast, a considerable savings in energy consumption and maintenance costs reduce the payback period of the cost of the purchase of fixtures up to 1.5 years.

Wall industrial Induction lamps come with a five-year warranty.