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The park induction lamp

induction lamp / induction lamp / The park induction lamp
The park induction lamp SO05-401
park ty001a s
  • power 40, 60, 80, 100 W
  • dimensions 720x720x560 mm
  • installation height 3-5 m
  • installation diameter 76 mm
  • life time at least 100 000 hours
  • 5 years warranty
The park induction lamp SO05-403
park ty002a s
  • power 40, 60, 80 W
  • dimensions 540x540x650 mm
  • installation height 3-5 m
  • installation diameter 76 mm
  • life time at least 100 000 hours
  • 5 years warranty

Park lights with induction lamps the company iLS

Park lights - a tandem of attractive appearance and enviable performance. They not only emphasize the beauty of nature and architecture, but also last long, save energy and emit a pleasant soft light.

Park lights Aesthetics

If the main purpose of street lighting is to create an environment safe for the movement of vehicles and pedestrians, the park lights also perform aesthetic functions. Installed at a relatively low altitude, between three and five meters, they draw attention to themselves, and are part of the overall composition. Fixtures are cone-shaped and resemble street lights.

Customizable body

Standard housing of park luminaire is black, but on request it can be painted in any color you like. Also, upon request, different housing can be produced, both using your drawings, and joint development as well. Time to process a special order takes less than fifty days.

Instant on and off

Like all induction models, street park lamps allow for instantaneous switching on and off. And for the latter, this property is especially important because it allows you to synchronize the light switch with motion sensors.

The quality of light in park fixtures

Park lights evenly illuminate a really large area, providing maximum comfort for the human eye. They emit optimally perceived light and completely eliminate glare.

iLS Park lights are adapted to the climate and atmospheric influences

iLS Induction lamps are adapted to the climatic conditions of Russia and are very resistant to temperature extremes. They are able to operate normally at a temperatures ranging from -50 to +70 degrees. Dustproof and waterproof models are not afraid of external factors, such as strong winds or rain. Aluminum alloy, the material body is made from, is not subject to corrosion.

Park iLS Induction lamps do not fail

Induction lamps work due to electromagnetic induction and gas discharge - their design does not involve the presence of filaments or electrodes, which are the "Achilles heel" of any lamp. Thus, the possibility of burnout is excluded, as well as the unpleasant glare or flicker, which occurs in other light sources, caused by vibrations.

Saving with park lights

After installing park lighting, you can forget about it for a good two decades. Induction models operate at least 100 000 hours, and do not require maintenance, which is especially useful if your light fixtures are installed in hard to reach places. In addition to savings on maintenance, induction lamps minimize energy costs, reducing them by 50%! One of the reasons - minimized heat emission, which means that energy is used for lighting only.

All of this leads us to believe that any expenditures on the park-induction lamps iLS will pay off much earlier than the warranty period, which is five years.

Analogs of park-induction lights

Park induction lamps 40-80 W easily replace DRL and HPS lamps rated at 125-150 watts. Dark orange light is replaced by a nice white light, and electricity bills are reduced.

Park lamps - buy

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