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SО03-022N industrial induction light

SО03-022N industrial induction lighting fixtures are designed specifically for industrial premises with a ceiling height of not less than 8 m. This model belongs to zero maintenance category and ensures uninterrupted operation within the period of 100,000 hours. Saturn induction lamp with external electronic ballast is protected from contamination by a tempered glass diffuser. Polycarbonate protective glass available upon request. The polished reflector ensures uniform light distribution without any losses.

These industrial induction lighting fixtures are made of durable aluminium alloy, the composition of which can effectively resist corrosion, even in wet conditions. The walls of the enclosure adjust the direction of luminous flux and facilitate optimal light distribution. This model is resistant to temperature changes and can be used in unheated rooms.

Area of application of SО03-022N industrial induction lighting fixtures:

SO DX001A project

Industrial premises, workshops, warehouses, shopping centres, sports palaces, railway and bus stations, airports. These industrial induction lighting fixtures are suspended on a metal hook (included).

Special features of SО03-022N industrial induction lighting fixtures:

  • Induction energy-saving lamp with a lifetime of more than 100,000 hours

  • Service life under continuous operation conditions of more than 12 years

  • Energy savings of up to 50-70%

  • Durable corrosion resistant enclosure

  • Can be used in harsh environments

  • Enhanced electronic ballast

Light curve SO03-022N

SO DX002A curve

Specifications of industrial induction lamp SO03-022N




80, 100, 120, 150, 200, 250 W

Degree of resistance


Insulation class


Anticorrosive resistance


Installation height 

8-15 m


550x550x405 mm

Dimensions SO03-022N

SO DX002A razmer

Package contents SO03-022N:

Housing, ring induction lamp Saturn, passport, package.

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