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Heavy duty industrial induction lamp SO03-40

SO03-40 induction lighting fixture was developed by iLS specifically for huge premises with high ceilings. Its design includes an aluminium enclosure, a tempered increased strength glass diffuser and a high-quality reflector, which ensures powerful brightness and a lack of light losses. The use of induction lamps significantly reduces energy costs of any enterprise. They ensure a long service life of not less than 100,000 hours and do not require any additional maintenance.

Areas of application of SО03-40 induction industrial lighting fixtures:

SO03-40 lighting fixtures 400W lamps are an ideal solution for the illumination of hangars, airports and train stations, supermarkets, warehouses and other industrial and commercial premises with a ceiling height of not less than 12 meters.

The fixtures are mounted with the help of a supplied hook. They do not require additional maintenance throughout their service life, since they are protected against dust and moisture, and therefore will shine brightly for a long time and without any interruptions.

Specifications of industrial induction lamp SO03-40

400 W
Degree of resistance
Insulation class
Anticorrosive resistance
Installation height 
15-35 m
790x790x700 mm

Options SO03-40:

Housing, ring induction lamp, passport, package.

 so03 40 s