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SO03-60 high power industrial induction lamp

SO03-60 high power industrial induction suspended type lighting fixture was developed for the purpose of operating at high altitudes, where maintenance is usually complicated. Its enclosure is made of polished aluminium and the lamps with the power of 400 and 200 Watts are protected by a shock resistant polycarbonate trapezoidal glass, which facilitates optimal light distribution.

The unique feature of this lighting fixture is a special form of its reflector, which prevent even a minimal chance of light losses. Among other design features is a single enclosure for two lamps ensuring the increased power capacity of 600 Watts.

Specific features of SО03-60 induction industrial lighting fixtures:

  • 100,000 hours of trouble-free operation

  • Significant reduction in energy consumption

  • Dust and moisture resistant enclosure made of durable aluminium alloy

  • Special reflector design

  • Shockproof glass with high throughput performance

  • Easy installation and maintenance

Areas of application of SО03-60 induction industrial lighting fixtures:

Industrial facilities, garages, hangars, warehouses, railway stations, airports and supermarkets.

These lighting fixtures are mounted on a cable or a chain with the help of a hook.

Specifications of industrial induction lamp SO03-60

600 W
Degree of resistance
Insulation class
Anticorrosive resistance
Installation height 
25-45 m
790x790x700 mm

Package contents SO03-60:

Luminaire housing, two ring induction lamps, passport, package.

so03 62 2 s