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Heavy duty tunnel induction lamp SO06-506

Special design of SO06-506 induction lighting fixtures ensures uniform light distribution that is characteristic of all iLS lamps. They do not contribute to the creation of emergency situations, since the induction lamp does not produce sparks, does not cause glare and is not heated above 60 °C. SO06-506 is an increased power 400W lighting fixture.

Durable powder coated aluminium alloy enclosure is resistant to corrosion. Therefore, the enclosure in conjunction with the impact-resistant glass diffuser provides reliable protection of the lamp and the electronics from any external damage and the ingress of dust and water. Special reflector facilitates optimal light distribution and excludes any light losses. The main design feature of SO06-506 increased power lighting fixture is a special bracket that allows to adjust the light curve.

Area of application of SО06-506 induction tunnel lighting fixtures:

Tunnels, subways, stadiums, warehouses and industrial facilities.

SO0626 project

These lighting fixtures are mounted on the walls, ceiling or lamp posts.

Specific features of SО06-506 induction tunnel lighting fixtures:

  • Induction energy-saving lamp with a lifetime of more than 100,000 hours

  • Adjustable luminous flux

  • Special reflector design

  • Tempered glass, which protects the lamp from any external damage

  • Easy installation and maintenance

Light curve SO06-506

SO06 506 curve

Technical characteristics of the tunnel induction lamp SO06-506

400 W
Degree of resistance
Insulation class
Anticorrosive resistance
Installation height 
4-6 m
890x320x255 mm

Dimensions Lamp SO06-506

SO06 506 razmer

Package contents SO06-506

Luminaire housing, induction lamp, passport, package.

so06 506 s