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SO06-037 Induction Street Lighting Fixtures

SО06-037 induction street lighting fixtures complete with Jupiter induction lamps ensure the necessary illuminance for safe movement in streets and suburban highways. Like other energy-saving street lighting fixtures, this model saves up to 30-70% of energy. Besides, the working cycle of induction lamps exceeds the working cycles of sodium-vapour light sources by 5 to 10 times. Prolonged 100,000-hour service life of induction lamps ensures a reduction of maintenance costs. Also, heat emission into the atmosphere is significantly reduced, since the electronic ballast and the induction lamp are heated to a much lesser extent. Thanks to the wide operating temperature range, the Induction Street Lamp is able to operate both under extreme heat and cold weather.

This model can be used in high vibration environments. Corrosion-resistant enclosure is sealed with silicone insulation, so it is completely water and dust proof. Polished anodized aluminium reflector adjusts the direction of the light and minimizes losses. Tempered clear glass has high light transmission capacity. Modern design of SO06-037 energy saving street lighting fixture conforms to conventional vision of street lighting. This model is mounted on standard lamp posts or pillars.

Area of application of SО06-037 induction street lighting fixtures:

These induction street lighting fixtures are designed for the illumination of streets, avenues, promenades, beaches, squares, parks, suburban roads and highways.

SO06 037 project

They are mounted on standard lamp posts.

Specific features of SО06-037 induction street lighting fixtures:

  • Low energy consumption

  • No glare, no flicker

  • Low heating during operation

  • Inductive energy-saving lamp for street lighting with a service life of 100,000 hours

  • Durable sealed enclosure, resistant to corrosion

  • Modern design and optimum weight and dimension parameters

Light curve SO06-037

SO06 037 curve

Technical features of street induction lamp SO06-037

80, 100, 120 W
Degree of resistance
Insulation class
Anticorrosive resistance
Installation height 
8-12 m
Installation diameter
60 mm
810x348x252 mm

The dimensions of the street induction lamp SO06-037

SO06 037 razmer

Package contents SO06-037:

The body of the lamp, induction lamp Jupiter, passport, package.

so06 037 s