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a whole-year plants growing


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Induction-LED lamp!

Any frame color

A six-year warranty

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projector for cranes

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stadiums and exhibition pavilions


We produce only induction lamps


About Company iLS - Russian manufacturer of lighting equipment

ILS Company is a Russian manufacturer of innovative lighting technology. Our products will help to significantly reduce the energy consumption of industrial facilities, municipal infrastructure and utilities.

О компании iLS

ILS company specializes in the production of industrial induction lamps and fixtures.

We did not choose induction industrial technologies accidentally, but because that this type of lighting is considered to be the most promising and energy efficient.

Its popularity is growing steadily worldwide. The reason of this success is a combination of time-tested technology and modern achievements in the field of electronics. All this has resulted in a lamp with a record lifetime of 100,000 hours and 75% energy saving to appear on the market.

iLS induction lamps and fixtures are manufactured using the best of modern equipment and adapted to our climatic conditions. Consumers are offered high-tech lighting devices for urban, industrial and commercial facilities.

The range of iLS induction lamps has more than forty models worked out to the Russian standards. Varied purpose lamps and a wide range of technical parameters, allow to choose the right equipment for each individual case. Design models are worked out in compliance with the already established style of lighting equipment, so our induction lamps will fit harmoniously into the urban landscape or industrial premises.

Индукционная лампа Сатурн Индукционная лампа Юпитер Индукционная лампа Венера

iLS domestic induction lamps

Among the goods offered to Russian consumers, iLS induction lamps, and lamps for plants take an important place. They can be used to illuminate with conventional lamps at home.

Бытовая индукционная лампа

iLS Company provides a five-year warranty on all of its products.

Installed warranty period. Warranty and post-warranty service of induction lamps takes place in the company's certified service center. All iLS products contain a hologram in order to avoid counterfeits.

In the present situation, the Company iLS is delivering more than 12,000 of induction lamps to the Russian market every year. As the relevance of energy-efficient lighting equipment usage is increasing every year, iLS is planning to raise production volume and a range of goods in the near future.

With the help of our products you will be able to achieve the real saving of energy recourses and get the effective lightning.