Induction lamps for 



a whole-year plants growing


Worldwide innovation!  

SHO01 1

Induction-LED lamp!

Any frame color

A six-year warranty

Warranty and repair


in the own service centre

Super-power 400 W  

so06 506

projector for cranes

Super-power induction lamp for sport  

so03 62 0000

stadiums and exhibition pavilions


We produce only induction lamps


Extended warranty Induction lamps iLS: from free repair to replace

iLS company offers extended warranty on all induction lamps,  which covers any damage during the operation for five years from the date of sale of the product.

According to the terms, in the event of unintended damage we are committed to provide you free repair or free replacement of the purchased goods. Products can be replaced with the same model or similar to it in price and performance.

Extended warranty applies only to operational problems, including those that do not cause malfunction of the lighting. For example, water-resistance, corrosion-resistance coating defects, and so on.

What is not covered by the warranty?

ILS Induction lamps, repaired in non-authorized service center, will lose the right to free warranty service. Are not subject to replacement, if damaged due to improper use or damaged as a result of vandalism.

Extended warranty on iLS products is carried out upon showing the warranty card.